Personalized Diet Plan

If you would like to achieve ideal weight, to feel good and look even better, then you are at the right place.

Within 4 months you can have body you have been dreaming about. Since 2005 till today I had opportunity to try various numbers of local or international diet plans and at the same time to create recipes myself from ingredients which were, at that moment, available and allowed to consume. From my rich experience I managed to adjust and create program which is bringing fast changes and apart from desired look also regulates metabolic irregularities if these are present (blood sugar, cholesterol, hypertension, etc.). This is healthy nutrition for competitors and other individuals that guarantee success. These are exactly those things where my expertise is reaching highest point and achievements i have throughout all these years are proof of the level of this expertise. I have to mention that I am not licensed nutritionist but I am professional in sport where 70% of success depends on the balanced nutrition, so everything can be taken as advice and everyone is voluntarily taking this program, but believe me you will do the right thing!

Personal Training

Training is necessary element of healthy lifestyle and good look and that is something we all more or less want to achieve.

As personal trainer, I give full attention to the client for the one hour session we spend together. I am putting accent to specific muscle groups which need to be reduced or increased in size depending on the wish and agreement I have with my client. Number of people who want to have defined musculature or vascularity is increasing so this is one of the main goals we need to achieve together. At the beginning of my career I had to resist genetics and perform unimaginable changes on my own body.
Seven years of experience has helped me to direct all these efforts and changes into result which is cost effective and visible in the shortest time period. If you are ready for hard work with good and visible results, I am here for you to achieve these goals together. For those who live in Belgrade , “Extreme Gym” is the place where they can find me and for everyone else communication is quite easy with email and skype. Welcome!

LjubaGOLD Method




In order to achieve wished results it is very important to balance training and diet.

Many years of experience helped in observing the work and results of this method in various temptations. It takes 4 months and it is absolutely personalized.
Every one of us has different habits, metabolism and is reacting different to specific groups of food or exercise. The most important is to follow the progress and react in any kind of situation or challenge. Everyone is first wondering why you are doing what you are doing and then they want to know how you did it. There is no universal recipe, but there are certain patterns which can be shaped by the need of everyone.

How that looks like

Personalized Diet Plan

  • Weakly control
  • Photo checking
  • Nutrition corrections
  • Personal and skype consulting

Personal Training

  • Increasing of the muscle volume
  • Decreasing of the muscle volume
  • Muscle definition
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Stamina

LjubaGOLD Method

  • Individual diet plan
  • Regular checking
  • Nutrition corrections
  • Personalized training
  • Personal and skype consulting
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