I would like to welcome you to my official web presentation. I am Ljuba Pantovic Subotic – IFBB Pro Figure competitor. Since I was young girl I professionally got involved in sports. At first in gymnastics, then athletics, kick boxer until 2005 when I started body fitness (figure). Just after 4 months of training, I had my first competition where I achieved title of the state champion (first in serbia) and since then nothing could stop me. I had great luck when in 2006 I met Armando Marquez who became my coach and main reason for my success. While I was working with him, I managed to win second place in the world competition, silver at European championship, gold at Mediterranean, gold and absolute championship of the Balkans. There was as well a lot of other success at local and international competitions. From 2011 I am Pro competitor and from that year apart from Armando’s help I also got a lot of support from Giada Simari who is as well Pro competitor and my competition. She is one of rare athletes who has no prejudice of this kind and who is unselfishly and honestly giving me instructions and support. I like to put myself into challenging situations and move as far as possible limits of endurance.
The most prominent features I have are my determination, persistence, the ability to motivate people and give them generous support. So, think well and if you think I can provide help you need, I will be available.